Sustainability of outreach programmes by campus crusade for Christ Zambia.

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Lungu, Caroline
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The University of Zambia
Globally a number of faith based organizations like Campus Crusade for Christ Zambia (CCCZ) have continued to act as supportive wings for government towards attaining a sustainable and inclusive development agenda for developing countries like Zambia through different outreach programs. The impact of such efforts by non-governmental institutions have continued to play a major role in the development of a number of countries thereby making their existence relevant. This research aimed at establishing the sustainability of outreach programs by Campus Crusade for Christ Zambia with a case study of Chongwe, Liteta and Nampundwe. In this regard the study explored the sustainability of the humanitarian and pastoral counselling programs conducted by Campus Crusade for Christ Zambia, community perspective of the programs and ways that can be employed to further sustain the established programs at CCCZ. A survey was used as a research strategy for this research, while residents of Liteta, Chongwe and Nampundwe areas were targeted as they had benefited from CCCZ outreach programs and thus were believed to be reliable for the study. The research indicated that CCCZ conducts outreach programs in different localities and the respondents received pastoral counselling and humanitarian aid at varying times. The research also revealed that the outreach programs implemented by Campus Crusade for Christ Zambia are ongoing as they are able to last at least four years in which a number of beneficiaries have a higher chance of attaining a good foundation to sustain their living. The research also found that the life changes impacted by CCCZ on the local people through pastoral counselling and humanitarian aid included prayer life, faith in God, business skills, farming skills and evangelism. The research further revealed that target communities realised the value in the pastoral counselling and outreach programs being delivered to the people and suggested that in order to make the outreach programs sustainable, Campus Crusade for Christ Zambia through Global Aid Network should include strategies such as regular pastoral counselling sessions, financial and farming trainings, regular follow ups to recipients and coordinating self-help groups for recipients.
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