Challenges management faces in selected primary schools in Mumbwa district.

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Nakamba, Mirriam
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The University of Zambia
This study investigated challenges management faces in selected primary schools in Mumbwa District. The objectives of the study were: to identify management strategies employed by administrators in primary schools, establish management challenges faced in primary schools in Mumbwa, determine the perceived effects of management challenges on the teaching and learning process and propose strategies aimed at mitigating management challenges in primary schools in Mumbwa district. The study employed a descriptive design. The population consisted of all teachers, head teachers and pupils in selected primary schools in Mumbwa district. A sample size of 35 teachers was randomly selected while the 3 head teachers and 12 pupils were purposively selected. Questionnaires and interview guides were used to collect data. Qualitative data were analyzed thematically, while quantitative data were analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics and results presented in form of percentages and frequencies. The study revealed that strategies employed by management in selected schools included, administrators showing leadership of the team, directing all the activities of the school, negotiating for resources both human and material, communicating the details of school programmes and presenting annual reports to stakeholders such as parents. Among management challenges faced by the selected primary schools in Mumbwa district were high enrolment levels, inadequate educational supplies, low staffing levels, inadequate classrooms and desks, dilapidated infrastructure, inadequate staff accommodation, low housing allowances to rent decent houses and teachers being overworked. The study further indicated that the perceived effects of challenges faced by management on the learning process were, poor educational attainment, reduced sessions time for learning, teachers not motivated, teachers being over worked, no regular homework and remedial work and lack of pupil comfort which resulted in absenteeism and high dropout rates among pupils. Proposed strategies aimed at mitigating management challenges included, increasing funding, expand existing schools, build more schools, employ more teachers, supply enough desks, and educational materials, government improving staff retention through improved conditions of service and levying all pupils. The study recommended that the Ministry of General Education should encourage all school administrators to undergo training in management to enable them better run their school and that it should employ more teachers to ease shortages, fund schools to enable them run efficiently and enhance teaching and learning.
Elementary school administration--Zambia. , School administration--Primary--Zambia.