An evaluation of communication strategies used to promote adult literacy in Chongwe District: A case study of Chishiko Village

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Louise, Marie Dushimiyimana
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Adult literacy is one of the great challenges in developing countries like Zambia where even universal education is an unattainable dream for many citizens. Worse, many of those who have had an opportunity to enroll for literacy classes do not attend classes regularly due to their need to work for their families in the agricultural fields or households. This work commitment puts adult literacy far out of their reach. This has led to low utilization of these services which have been made available to them by the Government of Zambia and its Implementing partners. This research was set out to carry out an evaluation of communication strategies used to promote adult literacy. This was undertaken in Chishiko Village of Chongwe district and the researcher was attached to Chalimbana Community Development Centre. Using a triangulated approach of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, results from the study revealed that people of Chishiko Village are aware of the literacy services in the area but do not use them as required. It was reviewed that one of the reasons for not using the facility was the long distance people have to travel to reach to Chishiko adult literacy Centre. It was reviewed that communication strategies used by the Community Development Department were door-to-door campaign as well as drama which was not active at the time of research. Yet another communication strategy revealed was meeting. Furthermore it was revealed that promoting adult literacy only involves community development officers as well as four instructors who worked as volunteers. This was found to be a challenge as the only method identified to be effective in terms of awareness, was door –to –door campaign and some areas could not be reached. Promoting Adult Literacy in Chishiko Village tends to leave out community input as well as opinion leaders.
Literacy Programs-Zambia , Reading.