Medical equipment management guidelines

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Ministry of Health
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University of Zambia, Medical Library
The Ministry of Health together with its partners realizes that efficient and effective delivery of clinical care is highly dependent on the availability of appropriate equipment and accessories which are in good functioning order. Such equipment and accessories should always be properly maintained and calibrated, so as to ensure accurate diagnosis and/or performance. The main challenges in achieving this include the lack of, appropriate equipment management plans, human resource for equipment management and maintenance, appropriate maintenance facilities and adequate budget funds for maintenance activities at all levels of service delivery. The lack of medical equipment management guidelines to help policy makers and maintenance personal has also been a major challenge. It is against this background that the Ministry with its partners Health Capital Investment Support Project (HCISP) through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) embarked on drafting the Medical Equipment Management Guidelines. It is hoped that these guidelines will help to standardize management of medical equipment country wide and result in efficient and effective use of these life serving equipment. It is expected that these guidelines will result in a planned and coordinated approach to equipment management; dissemination and compliance with the established maintenance policy and enhance capacities for management and maintenance of equipment at all levels, through appropriate usage, maintenance and repairs of equipment.
Appropriate equipment and accessories for effective health delivery .
Medical eletronics - Equipment and supplies
Ministry of Health (2012). Medical equipment management guidelines