Analysis of the Effectiveness of Conflict Resolution Techniques in Workplaces: A case study of Ndola City Council

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Mwanakasale, Hanhumo P.
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University of Zambia
Conflict among human-beings is as old as human-beings themselves; however, we have survived this far due to our ability to resolve conflicts. It is also true that we spend most of our time at work interacting with other human-beings during work and inevitably are bound to find ourselves in conflict either among ourselves as workers or between supervisors and workers. This study explored the effectiveness of conflict resolution techniques in workplaces, a case study of Ndola City Council where conflict resolution techniques have been discussed by dissecting the term conflict and considering mapping the conflict, strategizing in managing the conflict and eventually settling for mediation as the conflict resolution technique to be used. Managers in various departments need to be trained in mediation as this study will show that at the moment conflicts have continued to occur at the City Council maybe because the management is not skilled in mediation and conflict mapping to resolve conflicts, instead opt for dismissals which have a negative effect on production and employee retention. Results from the interviews in this study indicate that indeed conflicts do occur at Ndola City Council and some of the techniques employed to resolve these conflicts were applied but, it is clear that more training must be undertaken in conflict resolution techniques such as mediation and conflict mapping to achieve best results. The study contributes to the conflict resolution techniques used in many workplaces and gives room for further research in other conflict resolution techniques at workplaces as different perspectives of conflict reflected in different types of management styles are what have primary influence in shaping workplace conflicts as shown in the conclusion and recommendations of this study.
Master of Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution
Conflict management--Zambia