Trade union development and the law in Zambia

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Munungu, Mbalala B.
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This dissertation considers trade unionism and the trade union law in Zambia,Trade unionism and the law that governs it were introduced into Zambia, then Northern Rhodesia, from Great Britain at the turn of the century by settlers. They are therefore foreign concepts. As such they had to be adapted to the local environment. This was so because they had not been evolved for the Zambian environment. This dissertation therefore focuses on the inception of the trade unionism and the trade union law in Zambia and their development. In doing this, the dissertation examines circumstances surrounding the development of trade unionism, i.e. the Formation of trade unions and the application of the law then applicable. It identifies the administrative and legal problems attendant during the formative years and after.It then analyses the methods used in adapting and assimilating the received law so as to conform to the local environment.The dissertation deals with development up to 1980, But, some account of events taking place after 1980 have been included where necessary.
Trade-Unions---Zambia , Trade-Unions---Law and Regulations