Violence against refugee women in Maheba refugee settlement, Zambia

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Muponisi, Gift K.
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The practical attachment report (FAR) establishes that violence against refugee women in Meheba Refugee Settlement exists. It is important to state that the \violence recorded in this report, is only a tip of an ice-berg of what transpires in this settlement, flris report, as a result, documents onLy some types, causes, effects and ways of preventing and or alleviating this violence. The PAR groups \Violence against refugee women in Meheba Refugee Settlement under six categories. This is done to enable easy reading and comprehension of the subject of discussion. The six categories are physical, psychological, sexual, and cultural \violence. They also include girl child abuse and deprivation of financial and material resources. This report points out that violence against refugee women in Meheba Refugee Settlement is a deprivation of human rights. It is also a indrance to development in this settlement, which must be dealt with. The Par recognises that the Tutheran World Federation (LWT) is working to induce gender and human rights development. Yet, there is still a mammoth task to be done to prevent and or reduce this \violence. To this effect, this report makes recommendations not only to LWT', but also to its sponsors. .4mong the recommendations are the communication strategies deemed fit for gender and human rights development in this settlement. This report suggests communication strategies to induce development under the assumption that there is no development without communication. This implies that the beneficiaries of development must be involved in their development, f his report, as a result discusses participatory' communication as the main base of gender and human rights development.
Women refugees -- Maheba -- Zambia , Violence (law) -- Maheba -- Zambia