Managing professional development of teachers in selected Basic Schools in Livingstone District

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Mulundano, Morris
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The study was designed to investigate and assess the role school managers played in managing professional development in basic schools. A sample of teachers, managers, educational administrators and other educationists was obtained using simple random sampling technique. They were subjected to questionnaires and 30 minute long semi-structured interviews.The study employed the survey method to collect both quantitative and qualitative data using questionnaires and interview schedules respectively. The data were collected from 23 sites which included schools, educational administration offices, resource centres and colleges within Livingstone District. The data collection was extended to the National In-service Teachers College (NISTCOL), Chalimbana, in Lusaka, due to its significance in the development of in-service education in Zambia. The questionnaire data was analysed using Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS) to generate tables of frequencies and percentages. Interview data was analysed qualitatively to come up with the most significant categories of themes. Some of the major findings of the study were that professional development activities were taking place in schools. The school managers had adopted various strategies in managing professional development activities in their insitutions. They organised INSET and other school activities that contributed to professional growth of teachers. The managers also monitored the activities, appraised the teachers and supported professional advancements such as promotions, and pursuing further education in colleges and universities. But the school managers were also facing several challenges that included inadequate financial, material and human resources. Those challenges needed appropriated interventions by various stake-holders to enhance effective management of professional development in schools.Finally, the study has suggested some areas of concern that may need further research, like general evaluation of INSET activities and assessing the impact of Teacher's Group Meetings (TGMs) on teacher professional development in basic schools. Recommendations have also been made to the school managers, teachers and their unions, educational administrators and policy makers, that they may adopt to improve the management of professional development in schools and other sectors of the education system. Among the recommendations is the need to facilitate continuous educational management training (EMT) for the school managers and educational administrators; to establish professional development organisations at school, district, provincial and national levels, supported by all stake-holders in the education system
Personnel Management , Career advancement