The relationship between the english language and gender with particular reference to the Zambian media

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Kaira, Gift
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This study examined the relationship between language and gender in the Zambian media. The study focused on the media because the media plays a crucial role in the development of language. The study was undertaken through a two-fold operation -qualitative and quantitative analysis of media items.The study was based on five daily newspapers, four radio stations and one television station. Over a period of three months, thirty newspapers were procured and thirty one-hour transmissions from the electronic media were recorded. Results displayed notable discrepancies between male and female frequencies in both the print and electronic media.The results presented in this document are very significant as they suggest that even several years after the adoption of the National Gender Policy, Zambian society, through the media, still uses the language to the distinct advantage of men.This study contributes to knowledge in the field of language and gender, especially language use in the media and can be followed up by similar studies in other types of media such as language use in Government documents, correspondences, religious sermons, posters and billboards.
Media--Zambia , English Language--Zambia