Access to guidance and counselling services among students at University of Zambia.

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Bwalya, Florence
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The University of Zambia
This study was designed to access guidance and counseling services among students at the University of Zambia. It was guided by the following objectives: to establish whether guidance and counselling services are accessed at the University of Zambia, to establish students awareness of guidance and counselling services at the institution and to ascertain whether guidance and counselling services offered at University of Zambia met students need. A study was descriptive it was designed to describe various aspects which cause the accessibility of guidance and counselling services of the University of Zambia by the students in School of Agricultural Sciences. The population consisted of students from school of Agricultural Sciences undertaking full-time programmes. The sample size of the study was 100 students. A probability sampling technique called simple random sampling was used to select the respondent from the study population. Data collection tools included questionnaires and interview guides. However, the data also revealed that a lot still needs to be done to improve on the services are offered to students. Some of the issues that still need to be addressed include training more counsellors in guidance and counselling so that in each unit or school there is a counselling office to improve on the quality of delivery of counselling services to students. The study end by giving recommendation on what can be done to improve the access of the students at the counselling centre.
Educational counseling.