Stakeholders' perception in the teaching of Physical Education in selected primary schools of Mansa

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Kapansa, Kunda James
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The Zambian education system tends to emphasise more on examinable subjects like Science, Maths and English, which have immediate result at the expense of healthy minds and healthy bodies. Physical education aims at preparing individuals physically, socially, mentally, culturally, intellectually and emotionally so that they contribute effectively to national development. The study looked at the stakeholders’ perception in the teaching of physical education in primary schools. The results revealed that lack of teaching/learning materials, equipment, poor sport infrastructure, poor facilities, inadequate qualified physical education teachers and lack of interest by some teachers due to religious and cultural background and belief were some of the major factors. It was also noted that apathy and non-examinable of the subject at all levels was a barrier. Government’s low participation in the promotion of physical education was also of great concern. The study discovered that some teachers had no interest in the subject and the majority were not specialized to teach the subject despite the training that they did at Primary Colleges of Education. The study recommended that the government and schools should provide teaching/learning materials and equipment, and the subject be examined. The study explores that school administrators were required to understand the positive role physical education played in academic achievement and healthy styles. Sensitization of members of the community on the importance of physical education was also cardinal. The study also revealed that pupils who were engaged in physical activities as part of their curriculum were better in their academic work than those who spent most of their time on books but without doing any physical exercises The study employed both qualitative and quantitative methods in obtaining information. Primary data from institutions involved in physical education was collected and secondary data was also collected and consulted from various literature. In conclusion, Solutions such as government making the subject examinable at all levels, good funding to schools, procurement of more equipment as well as improving and constructing of new facilities for sports could bring about effective teaching of the subject. The findings will help the stakeholders play a pivotal role in the development and promotion of Physical Education with a view that the curriculum specialists may also take some of these views expressed into consideration.
Physical Education , Extracurricular Activities