The role of participatory communication in promoting community involvement in school based health and nutrition: a case-study ministry of Education /Project Concern International school feeding programme in Mongu

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Sililo, Mubitelela
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This report is based on an attachment at Mongu District Education board Secretary's Office assess the role of Participatory Communication in enhancing School Health and feeding Programme, using a case study of Ministry of education/Project Concern international School Feeding Programme for community basics in Mongu The study uses both quantitative methods o data collection. Specifically, a quantitative survey, in-depth interviews and Participant observation during a practical attachment at Mongu District education Board Secretary's Office from 15th March to 20th May 2005 as basis of coming up with these findings In this study it was revealed that there is no comprehensive use of participatory Communication as the basis of quantifying, formulating, implementing and coordinating the programme at the school level. It is clearly the formulation of the school Feeding Programme did not involve the local people in identifying possible solutions to the problem of child hunger and food shortage in the community. Interpersonal form of communication largely exists in the community which the Ministry of education and Project Concern International can make full use of in order to promote nutrition and health activities at school level. Furthermore, programme makes no use of mass communication to share information and increase community participation. According to the majority of the respondents surveyed, face-to-face discussions arc used for sharing information development information both in the community and in the school. In this study, it is recommended that in order to improve School Feeding Programme delivery. Participatory communication research methods should be used as the basis for problem identification so that factors underlying food insecurity can be understood better. Further,participaiory communication Appraisal techniques should be used when consulting with the community.
Nutrition , School Health