Factors contributing to delay in seeking care by expectant mothers with a history of immediate previous caesarian section, at the University teaching hospital (UTH) Lusaka,Zambia.

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Chikampa, Dorothy Mushili.
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The aim of the study was to identify the factors contributing to delay in seeking medical care when in labour, by the expectant mothers with immediate previous caesarean section, at the University Teaching Hospital. A purposive non probability sample of postnatal mothers having a history of immediate previous Caesarean section, before this last delivery, was selected. The sample consisted of thirty (30) postnatal mothers. A semi-structured interview schedule was used to collect data. Data were collected between 13th April and 13th June, 1988 and were analysed manually by the researcher. The findings of the study revealed that most of the mothers had lack of knowledge on the specific time when they were expected to report for hospital confinement. Some mothers reported late for fear of a repeat Caesarean section. One mother had no transport, and the other one lacked a reliable person to keep her Children during the period she was expected to have been in hospital. Effective utilisation of the hospitals for delivery, by expectant mothers who have a history of immediate previous caesarean section, could be attained through intensified health education on the importance of seeking early medical care. The health workers, through the team approach, should involve the community in making the expectant mothers accept the maternity services being offered in the health institutions through out Zambia.
Obstetrics. , Cesarean section --Zambia. , Obstetrics --Surgery.