Standard Treatment Guidelines, Essential Medicines List And Essential Laboratory Supplies List For Zambia

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Ministry of Health
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Ministry of Health
Achieving long term improvements in rational use of medicines and care of the sick requires building the competences of the health care professionals. This second edition of the Standard Treatment Guidelines is an update of the earlier version contributing to rational and cost effective health care designed under the aspirations and spirit of increasing efficacy of decision making and precision in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, alleviation of disease and improved quality of life for the Zambian people as cited in the National Drug Policy. I commend the European Union under HSSP for technical and financial assistance to the Zambia National Formulary Committee for developing and producing these Standard Treatment Guidelines as an educational strategy for managing the common conditions afflicting the Zambian people. As usual, the book has been improved to make it more user-friendly, pocket size, with information on disease conditions definitions, diagnoses and on how to develop therapeutic interventions. The Committee upheld the original intent of making the document a reference material for all health care providers, particularly medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, clinical officers and all those with a primary responsibility for prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines. The first edition proved to be a very popular reference document to medical students and other health care workers contracted to provide health services in Zambia. This book is designed to augment that erstwhile intent. I recommend that you read and use the information herein to serve better those most in need. Whether you work at the University Teaching Hospital, Lukulu, Monze, Chama or Chinyama Litapi, the information will help you provide good quality, safe, effective and affordable health care.
Final Standard Clinical Guidelines, Booklet
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Ministry of Health, Zambia National Formulary Committee. 2013 Standard Treatment Guidelines, Essential Medicines List, Essential Laboratory Supplies for Zambia. 3rd Ed. Lusaka Zambia. Ministry of Health.