An assessment of voter education programme conducted by the electorol commision of Zambia(ECZ) and the civil society in Lusaka

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Mundia, Lungowe Maria
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The University of Zambia
This study set out to assess Voter Education Programmes (VEPs) conducted by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the civil society in Lusaka District. A descriptive study design was employed to assist the researcher gain more insight on the types of VEPs conducted in Lusaka. The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect data. The sample for the study was 158 participants which comprised 8 Voter Education (VE) officials, 1 officer responsible for managing VEPs on behalf of (ECZ) from Lusaka City Council (LCC) and 150 participants that were trained in VE trained by ECZ or the civil society. The officials were purposively selected as they were rich information sources. Snowball sampling was employed to select the 150 participants. Data was collected using open ended questionnaires and interview guides. Qualitative data was analyzed by categorizing similar themes as they emerged and was presented in a qualitative form. With respect to quantitative data, it was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and was presented using frequency distribution tables. The study revealed that the types of VEPs that ECZ and the civil society conducted were seminars, workshops, radio productions, posters and community mobilisation programmes. However, it was established from this study that other types of VEPs like rallies, dance, music, documentaries, banners, commercial advertises and role playing were not identified as VEPs conducted by ECZ and the civil society. It was further discovered that most trainings in VEP were conducted in English and facilitators were not adequately trained and that there was erratic funding. As such, the study recommended that the civil society and ECZ to implement VEP in local languages, source for more funding and translate VEP materials into local languages and train VEP facilitators so that they can undertake their work without difficulty.
Voting--Zambia--Miscellanea , Zambia- Politics and government