Assessment of customer retention at hostels board of management (HBOM) for Longacres lodge in Lusaka, Zambia.

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Nyasulu, Mirriam
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The University of Zambia
Customer retention is key to successful operations of any business. It contributes to revenue creation and helps to build the image of an organization. Unfortunately, Longacres Lodge has lost a considerable number of customers over the past two years. This has affected its operations and the lodge may foldup. In spite of this trend, Longacres lodge has not done an in-depth of customer analysis, particularly in assessing which factors determining customer satisfaction that result in customer retention. The aim of the study was to help develop measures that can be employed to improve retention in order to increase business portfolio at Longacres Lodge in order to increase business portfolio. The total population of the study was 320. Based on Simple Random sampling, questionnaires were administered to 150 respondents. Purposive sampling using interview schedules was used for 5 executive Secretaries/Directors that accessed services at Longacres lodge making a total of 155 respondents. To achieve the objectives, the study employed concurrent mixed method research designs in which both quantitative and qualitative were employed. The study used descriptive statistics and spearman correlation analysis for quantitative data while qualitative data was analysed thematically. The study found that variety of food on the menu, breakfast preparation, timely response to customer requests, welcoming attitude and quietness of the environment were negatively affecting customer satisfaction and retention. Thematically, it was revealed that employee attitude, not giving rewards and discounts to frequent customers, toilet type and lack of internet were affecting customer satisfactions, which in turn resulted in low customer retention. In conclusion, this study recommended that management should align the reservation services with modern technology and concentrate on enhancing the skills, knowledge and commitment of their employees by providing regular trainings and incentives. Management should also focus on improving the breakfast, ensuring a wide variety of food on the menu and work on renovating the facilities of the lodge. It further recommended regular customer surveys in order to understand the needs of the customers and check adherence to lodge requirements. Key Words: Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, Customer satisfaction, Accommodation, Food, Customer Relations.
Customer retention--Hospitality industry. Hospitality industry--Personnel management. , Hospitality industry. Customer relations. Interpersonal relations.