An investigation into the role of christian community radio stations in the promotion of peace: a case study of Yatsani Radio in Lusaka

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Mataa, Lewis Simui
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University of Zambia
This research study focusses on the role of a Christian community radio station in the promotion of peace in the country and the Catholic owned Yatsani Radio, which is situated in the Twin Palm area of Lusaka City was picked as the Case Study. The radio station, whose mission statement is to 'spread the word of God in peace and unity,' was established by the Jesuit Missionary Congregation of the Roman Catholic in 1998 to complement the church's efforts in evangelisation of the word of God. The objectives of the research study includes, among others, to find out the target audience of Yatsani radio and the programmes that promotes peace aired by the said community radio station. The study employed qualitative research design, with In-depth Interviews and Focus Group Discussions been used as data gathering instruments. Both instruments had two-fold advantages in that the researcher was able to rephrase questions for the clear understanding of , some respondents. Second, being a face to face encounter, the researcher was able to ask follow up questions in order to have a sound understanding of the research topic. Although the community station management claimed that its programming is targeting at f people of all age groups and blocks, the key findings of the research reveals that most of the listeners are above forty (40) years of age. One therefore, recommends that the station dedicates the production programmes that promotes peace having in mind the forty (40) or above demographics. Furthermore, the inadequate understanding of the comprehensive meaning of peace which leads into subtle peace making productions necessitates the need for the introduction of a stand-alone peace studies and conflict resolution course in social sciences communication and journalism disciplines. Such an approach will help in sharpening their investigative skills on promoting peace using the media.
Master of Science Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution
Radio stations--Management , Radio broadcasting--Peace