A short term evaluation of Transurethral Ablation of the Prostate as a treatment option for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia at the University Teaching Hospital,Lusaka

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Chituwo, Omega
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A prospective study evaluating the procedure, Transurethral ethanol ablation of the prostate (TEAP), as a treatment option in the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka.Twenty-five patients from the Urology clinic, UTH, were included in the study. The patients had mild to moderate BPH, determined by symptoms and on examination. Other factors taken into consideration were in the inclusion and exclusion criteria e.g. No history of urinary retention or other related complications, pelvic surgery or trauma etc. The details of each patient were collected and included name, age, file number, date of admission, date of discharge, preoperative prostate size. IPSS, operating time, intraoperative complications, and postoperative assessment. The mean age was 68 years. Preoperatively, the patients had a mean of IPSS of 22 with a range of 18 - 25. The average operating time was ten minutes. Simple analgesia was used to relieve any discomfort postoperatively. Patients were kept overnight and discharged with a catheter. This was removed after 5 days. Two patients went into acute retention following catheter removal. They were catheterized for a further 5 days and did not develop any problems thereafter. Postoperatively, mean IPSS reduced from 18 at one month to 11 at six months indicating an improvement in symptoms of patients. Ease of voiding improved with time as was evidenced by the increase in mean peak flow rate of urine (Q-max) of 11ml/s at one month to a mean of 19ml/s at 6 months. In terms of cost, TEAP was found to be much cheaper than the traditional forms of treatment at UTH, i.e. TURP and open prostatectomy TEAP was found to be a feasible, safe and cost effective method of treating mild to moderate BPH at UTH. Guidelines for its use have been set down.
Prostate -- Hypertrophy , Prostate -- Cancer