The effectiveness of the Re-Entry Policy in selected high schools of Kabwe district

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Sitali, Mable Nowanga
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Education is a very important factor in the development of any nation.However, it has been observed that for a long time girls have been marginalised or disadvantaged in terms of access to education. One of the major factors contributing to this disparity has been teenage pregnancies among the school going girls. In order to try and raise the progression rate of girls in the formal education system, the Ministry of Education has introduced the Re-entry Policy which allows pregnant school girls to get back to school after delivery.This study was set out to find out the effectiveness of the Re-entry Policy in selected high schools of Kabwe district.The data were collected through interviews and focus group discussions. The key informants included the Ministry of Education officials, School administrators, teachers, PTA executive committee members and pupils.The findings from the study showed that stakeholders in the provision of education had different views regarding the Re-entry Policy. Some welcomed the policy whilst others did not, saying it encouraged immoral behaviour among the pupils. However, being government policy, schools were trying hard to implement it. The progression rate of the pupils" re-entering school was fairly good.In view of the research findings, recommendations have been made. The challenge is on the Ministry of Education to explain the importance of the policy to all stakeholders through their various departments. Teachers and parents should also be able to educate the pupils on the importance of staying away from sex and concentrating on school
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