Exploring the effect of non-financial incentives on job satisfaction of teachers at Lubuto and Kayele secondary schools in Ndola district

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Zulu, Natalia
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University of Zambia
The study aimed to establish the effects of non-financial incentives such as promotion, material rewards and job autonomy on teacher job satisfaction. Non-financial incentives in this context are incentives given to teachers other than monetary incentives. A cross sectional survey was employed to collect a quantitative data set. The data was collected using structured interview guides and a five point likert scale questionnaire. Data was analyzed using inferential statistic (ANOVA, CHI-SQUARE) in SPSS version 16.0. The major findings revealed that promotion has a positive effect on job satisfaction. It was also established that material rewards are positively linked to job satisfaction. The findings of the study further revealed that job autonomy increases innovativeness among teachers hence impacting job satisfaction positively. The study therefore recommends that: the MGE should involve teachers when coming up with promotion and reward programs. It was further recommended that the MGE should also revise some of its regulations particularly the eight hour policy so as to give teachers a bit of freedom which in turn will allow them to be innovative.
Master of Education in Educational Management
Teacher morale--Zambia , Motivation in education--Zambia , School management and organisation --Zambia