A study to determine factors contributing to mine accidents at ZCCM, Mufulira division.

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Kansumba, Chituka Grace.
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Industrial accidents are extremely costly, whether measured in terms of medical expenses and disability compensation, lost production and wages or damage to plant and equipment. The human cost in death and suffering is beyond calculation. In recent years the costs of accidents have increased dramatically because of civil litigation and product liability suits have also increased. The study was done at Mufulira Division of ZCCM between 28th August to 8th September, 1995. It was aimed at determining the contributing factors to mine accidents at Mufulira Mine plant area. The sample size was sixty (60) and the respondents were selected using the systematic random sampling method. A self administered questionnaire was chosen to be an ideal and appropriate instrument to obtain intended information from the respondents considering that, the respondents were able to read, write and understand the questions very well.
Copper mines and mining --Accidents --Zambia. , Copper mines and mining --Safety regulations --Zambia.