Indigenous conflict resolution strategies in rural communities of Zambia: A case study of Lenje people of Mungule chiefdom in Chibombo district

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Gwanzura, Charles
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University of Zambia
This study was an exploration of the indigenous conflict resolution strategies of people in Mungule chiefdont. Specifically, the study identified the common conflicts; explored the various Indigenous Conflict Resolution Strategies used to solve those conflicts. Finally, the study identified the challenges that indigenous conflict resolution institutions face and the prospects that indigenous conflict resolution have achieved. The study is, presented in an exploratory manner employing a qualitative approach to analyze the data gathered through semi-structured interview, focus group discussions, and personal observation. The findings revealed that the institution deals with a wide range of conflicts that are often caused by competition over natural resources, land boundary trespassing, marriage related issues and theft. To address these conflicts, the Nkuta uses special process and procedures of mediation and reconciliation. The challenges were the absences of incentives, lack of modem education and proper training militate against the effective application of the institution in the resolution of local level disputes. The study concluded that indigenous conflict resolution strategies are still relevant and sho\uld be mainstreamed in all processes of conflict management.
Master of Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution
Conflict management -- Strategies -- Zambia. , Conflict management -- Indigenous strategies.