A study to determine factors influencing infection control at the university teaching hospital by the hospital auxillary workers.

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Kawanje, Benjamin.
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The study was aimed at determining the factors influencing infection control at the University Teaching Hospital by the hospital auxiliary workers. Focus was directed at knowledge, attitude, cleaning procedures, experience, supervision, resources, policies and guidelines influencing maintenance of cleanliness by the hospital auxiliary workers. Literature shows that hospital acquired infections are one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in hospitalized patients at he present time. The study was a descriptive type and was conducted at UTH. The study population included all the hospital auxiliary workers involved in maintenance of cleanliness at UTH. Study units were drawn from the A, B, C, E and G - Block. The sample size was composed of 60 hospital auxiliary workers. Data was collected using a structured interview schedule. The study established the factors contributing to poor maintenance of cleanliness in the hospital. Findings revealed that the maintenance of cleanliness should be improved. Majority hospital auxiliary workers have only attained a primary school level of education and hence the need for adequate guidance and supervision.
Hospital buildings --Sanitation. , Infection Control --methods. , Nurses Aides --Zambia. , Clinical Competence --standards --Zambia.