Teachers' perceptions on the implementation of the Revised Zambian Curriculum on Numeracy in primary schools, Solwezi, Zambia

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Mukokwe, Jonas
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University of Zambia
The study established that primary school teachers' perceptions on the implementation of the revised curriculum on numeracy were many and varied across experience, geographical location. The study indicated that teachers have not read the contents of revised curriculum on numeracy, for them to internalise the goals that they need to pass on to learners. Furthermore, gender did not affect the way teachers perceived the implementation of the revised curriculum. However, they are aware about the revised curriculum through the changes they have seen in the syllabus and the delivered teaching/learning materials and they are generally happy in that learners are breaking through quickly in both numeracy and literacy. The study has also established that class teachers who have taught over ten (10) years in service have an idea on best practices of teaching mathematics, and view primary school leavers as not adequately prepared for lifelong skills as stated in the revised curriculum and the SDGs goal number four (4). The study was conducted using a purely qualitative methodology with triangulation done through lesson observation, oral interviews with other stakeholders such as town clerk. Head teachers, community members and learners. This conforms to the theoretical underpins of this study; Human Capital and Systems theories. The capabilities and skills of learners have to be developed in order to enhance creativity, innovation and productivity among learners and this depends on many varied variables in an open system. Teacher efficacy, teaching/learning materials and the pedagogues of teaching mathematics play a vital role in shaping a learner in acquiring lifelong skills. Therefore, teaching of mathematics in Primary schools should be taken seriously.
Master of Education in Educational Management
Numeracy--Study and teaching (Primary) , Curriculum Planning Zambia