Adaptaption of the sustainable building rating system to Zambian context.

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Zulu, Anderson
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The University of Zambia
Despite playing a key role in most economies, building construction contributes significantly to climate change. Buildings consume energy, water, and raw materials, generate waste, and emit potentially hazardous air emissions during the course of their lives. These facts have prompted the creation of green building standards, certifications, and sustainable rating systems aimed at reducing the direct and indirect social and environmental impacts of buildings through sustainable design. While some developed countries have embraced and promoted these rating systems, developing countries such as Zambia have yet to do so. Therefore, this research sought to identify sustainable building rating system (SBRS) that is well suited to the Zambian setting and adapt that system to Zambian Context. The methodology adopted was a mixed method employing both qualitative and quantitative approaches, with data collected through semi-structured interviews as well as an observation checklist. The respondents considered for this study a total of seventeen respondents purposively sampled from seven green rated buildings across Africa, these included designers, facilities managers, and contractors. The findings revealed that though there are hundreds of sustainable building rating systems, the Green Star South Africa (Green Star SA) rating system would best respond to the Zambian environment because Green Star SA was influenced by the most popular rating systems. Further, Green Star SA is provided by Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) which already have structures for adaptation by African countries. The study, therefore, recommends that the Zambia Green Building Association (ZGBA) to collaborate with GBCSA and submit a local context report for review and approval by GBCSA as a prerequisite for the establishment of Green Star Zambia.
Thesis of Master of Engineering in Construction Management.