Plight of retired primary head teachers in Chinsali district.

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Mumba, Osward
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Workers‟ retirement planning and preparation have serious implications on their personal quality of life, that of their families and indeed that of the general public. The study therefore, established the exit plans that prepare for the plight of retired Primary Head teachers in Chinsali district. This study closely examined three factors related to nurture of entrepreneurial activities, the worthiness of retirement package and the government preretirement programmes that influence on the plight of the retired primary Head teachers. It was guided by the life – cycle income theory in theoretical undertone. An embedded mixed-methods design was employed to collect a set of quantitative and qualitative data. The quantitative data was central and was hugely supplemented by qualitative. Data was analyzed separately for both quantitative and qualitative approach and conclusion was based on what was presented and analyzed. The quantitative information was collected using questionnaires and analyzed by means of statistical presentations inform of graphs, pie charts and output tables. Similarly, the qualitative data was gotten using semi structured interviews and was analyzed by following the themes and sub-themes that emerged from the structured interview questions. A non-probability approach through a snowball sampling procedure was used to choose respondents based on their accessibility. The total sample size that was used to collect data was 60 that is 56 respondents plus the 4 key informants‟ and this represented 81% of the total sample size. The major findings seem to suggest that retired primary Head teachers in Chinsali district were not adequately prepared for retirement and that no programs such as venturing into meaningful entrepreneurial activities were put in place by the government for them to plan and prepare for retirement life. In addition, the retirement package that was paid to retired primary Head teachers was not worthy and it did not commensurate with the current economical demands in Zambia. The study recommended for serious multi – sectorial approach where intensive and extensive training on financial management and introducing entrepreneurial planning and preparation for retirement in the curriculum at tertiary level should be introduced. Employers should increase the pension contributions for primary Head teachers that would commensurate with economic demands and institutions dealing with pension should be processing the pension lump sum well before one gets retired.