Nurses’ adherence to multi-dose vial policy in Lufwanyama district, Zambia.

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Nkandu, Bernard
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The University of Zambia
Introduction: The policy on multi dose vials allows certain vaccines that contain preservatives to be kept for up to 28 days after opening, as long as storage and proper handling conditions are met (WHO, 2015). This policy has reduced vaccine wastage and contamination in the countries and areas where there is good adherence to it. However, in 2018-2020 statistics in Lufwanyama district of the Copperbelt province in Zambia has shown the rise in vaccine wastage rate. Hence, this study aimed at determining the level of adherence to Multi Dose Vial Policy (MDVP) and its associated factors among nurses in Lufwanyama district. Material and Method: The research utilised quantitative method and a cross-sectional Analytical study design that was conducted in Lufwanyama district, Zambia. A sample of 109 nurses were selected using fishbowl simple random sampling with the response rate of 86% (94) respondents. Data was collected using a self-administered structured questionnaire, while the association between variables was tested by using the Chi-square which were further analysed using binary Logistic regression to show the degree of association. Results: The study revealed that there was low adherence (35%) to MDVP in Lufwanyama District, Using binary logistic regression there was a statistically significant association between adherence and Knowledge on MDVP (p = 0.000). The analysis showed that nurses who had high knowledge were 0.065 times more likely to adhere to MDVP compared to those who had low knowledge (AOR: 0.065, CI: .015 - .276). The other independent variables were not statistically significant despite being associated to adherence among cervical cancer patients. Conclusion and Recommendations: The study established that the level of adherence to MDVP among nurses in Lufwanyama district was low and those with high knowledge had high chances of adhering to MDVP than those with low knowledge. This implies that in order to strengthen adherence to MDVP, there is need for nurse managers to be conducting supportive supervision to ensure nurses adhere to MDVP guidelines.
Thesis of Master of Science degree in clinical nursing