Study to determine knowledge, attitudes and practices of the youth towards drug abuse in Lusaka urban.

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Bundebunde, Chishala.
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Excessive use of 'mind changing' drugs and alchol by the youths is a great concern throughout the world. As a current health problem, drug abuse draws a wide range of political, moral and legal opinions. It also calls for research and action oriented programmes. It is with this view that this study aimed at determining the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the youths toward Drug Abuse in Lusaka Urban was done. Literature review for the study looked at drug abuse as a world problem, drug abuse trends in Zambia, theoretical review of drugs of abuse and at some studies done both locally and internationally. The Sample units were selected from four (4) Lusaka urban secondary schools. A systematic random sampling technique was used to select the study units. A total sample of 70 was selected from senior secondary school grades ie grades Ten, Eleven and Twelve. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data. The questionnaires were administered in form of interviews. The study results revealed that school going youths are knoweledgeable on description of drug abuse and common drugs of abuse. However, their knowledge of the effects of these drugs was limited. It was also found that majority do not condon the use of illicit drugs though many of them do not participate in anti drug campaign on reqular basis. Many of the pupils accepted to the past use of drugs and only a minority accepted to the current use of drugs. This was attributed to the illicit nature of drugs of abuse. Pupils found it easier accepting past use of drugs than current use. The major recommendations from the study were:- iritergration of drug education into health promotion activities and into school curriculum; introduction of peer group counselling for all those concerned with drug abuse prevention; and the need to assess on a regular basis, the views and knowledge level about drugs for specific potential target groups of drug prevention such as teachers, parents and street youths.
Youth--drug abuse--Lusaka urban. , Drug abuse--Lusaka urban. , Youth--drug abuse--knowledge and attitudes - - Lusaka urban.