Female representation in sports organisation and management: A case study of Chipata District in Zambia

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Ngulube, Muoli
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The University of Zambia
This study sought to establish the factors that affect female representation in the organisation and management of sports in Chipata district of Zambia. The study was executed through a descriptive research design where qualitative method was used. The sample size was seventy-six (76) participants comprising head teachers, teachers and pupils who were purposively selected. For data collection, self-administering questionnaires, focus group discussion and interview guides were instruments used. The findings were that the level of female participation in sports organisation and management in schools of Chipata district was very low. Factors affecting female participation in sports organisation and management were found to be traditional norms and values which were so demanding on the part of the females, interference of male dominant stereotypes on sports and leadership, lack of self-esteem, lack of sufficient knowledge on sports, lack of role models, and lack of female friendly and abused sports places. More findings were that due to low female representation in sports organisation and management, the sports industry was robbed of the potential leadership in women; hence very difficult to achieve gender equality in sports. On the basis of the findings, recommendations were made that there should be gender mainstreaming in sports in the Ministry of Education Science, Vocational Training and Early Education (MESVTEE), community sensitisation at all levels on gender, sports and leadership, MESVTEE to make Physical Education a mandatory subject at all levels in schools, government to consider appointing more females to higher decision making positions and improve the management and structures of sports areas.
Sports-Administration--Zambia , Sports-Zambia--Management , Sports for women--Management