The effect of rehabilitation on juveniles’ recidivism: a case of Mukobeko medium correctional facility.

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Likomeno, Richard
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The University of Zambia
The objective of this study was to establish the effect of rehabilitation on juveniles’ recidivism at Mukobeko Medium Correctional facility. The study was guided by the following objectives: To establish the influence of rehabilitation on juveniles’ recidivism; to determine the reliability of rehabilitation towards juveniles’ recidivism; to identify challenges faced by Correctional Service on juveniles’ rehabilitation to reduce recidivism; to suggest strategies on rehabilitation in order to improve service delivery for juveniles. A descriptive design method was preferred for this study. The target population of this study targeted 200 people with a special focus on Correctional Instructors, Administrators, Counselors, Offender management and Juvenile offenders. The study collected primary data from Medium correctional facility. The main instruments for data collection were questionnaires and interview guide with both structured and open ended questions. The research was qualitative in nature and descriptive statistics analysis was employed in terms of charts tables and percentages. Based on the study findings on the effects of rehabilitation on juveniles’ recidivism, the study recommended that, in order to improve on the rehabilitation services, there is need for the government to improve on infrastructure. The study also recommends that there is need for the Zambia Correctional service to employ or train more trade instructors who will help the Juveniles to acquire vocational training and experience during their period in custody. Rehabilitation programmes in correctional institutions should be relevant to offenders to address their offending behaviour and to enhance them to be self-sufficient. The Zambia correctional service needs to create vocational training programs where Juvenile offenders work under the supervision of institutions and organizations outside the correctional facility. The Correctional Service is also faced with numerous challenges in trying to modify the behaviour of the Juveniles under their custody. Some of the challenges include inadequate infrastructure, shortage of correctional staff which leads to misplacement of staff, overcrowding, and lack of capacity building in the fields of behaviour modification and inadequate provision of reintegration programmes.
Criminals--Rehabilitation. , Correctional psychology. , Forensic psychology.