The extent to which school management promote teamwork in selected secondary schools in Chibombo District

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Makisa, Bulanda
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University of Zambia
The Zambian Education system has different structures in the management of secondary schools. The top most is the Head Teacher then the Deputy Head Teacher and Heads of Departments. Each school will have this team as management to run it. During their management duties, it is expected of them to practice teamwork. In line with this, the objective of this study was to find out the extent to which school management promote teamwork in selected secondary schools in chibombo district. The methodology employed in this study was qualitative. Qualitative aspects during data collection stage included face to face interviews with respondents. The target population was all secondary schools in Chibombo District, from which a sample of 4 secondary schools in Chibombo District was selected. This study involved a total number of 32 respondents. Out of which 4 were head teachers, 4 were deputy head teachers and 24 heads of department. The findings were displayed through themes which were generated from the responses of the interviews done. It is important to note that some respondents had limited understanding of what teamwork was and had to be informed on the aspects that the study was focusing on. But from the data collected it was discovered that in most secondary schools the school management does promote teamwork though in most cases they would not be part of that team. In most cases, from the school management, it's only the heads of department that would 4)6 part of the team. *
Master of Education in Educational Management
School management and organisation--Zambia , Teaching teams--Secondary schools--Zambia