Nature of career guidance collaboration between school and industry: The case of selected secondary schools in Lundazi District of Eastern Province,Zambia

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Musenge, Augustus
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The University of Zambia
The purpose of this study was to examine the nature of career guidance collaboration between schools and industry in Lundazi district. The objectives of the study were; to establish the nature of career guidance collaboration between schools and industry, to determine how pupils benefited if at all they did, from the collaboration between school career guidance and industry, and to devise strategies that would help strengthen career guidance collaboration between schools and industry. A descriptive survey design and qualitative methods were employed. Data was collected through interviews and focus group discussions. The sample comprised of 2 head teachers, 2 guidance teachers, 24 pupils and 10 human resources officers giving a total of 38 respondents. Purposive sampling was used to select head teachers, guidance teachers and human resources officers. Simple random sampling technique was employed to select the pupils. Data collected was analysed thematically. With regard to the nature of career guidance, the findings revealed that the following were offered to pupils; career talks, motivation talks, site visits, career exhibitions, entrepreneurial skills awareness, and university/college entry requirements information. The findings further revealed that pupils benefited from the school-industry collaborations through sponsorships, improvement in discipline, school attendance and academic achievement, increased awareness in educational and career paths and exposure to job environments. Pupils however complained of irregular career talks by staff from industry. Concerning ways to improve school-industry collaborations, recommendations included; increasing site visits, invitations, outreach activities and advocacy and that the existing collaborations between secondary schools with public and private institutions in their communities should be strengthened.
Guidance services--Secondary Schools , Vocational guidance