Primary teachers training in classroom questioning skills in primary teachers' colleges of education: a case of serving primary school teachers in Lukulu district.

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Likando, Mundia
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This study sought to find out perceptions that primary school teachers have on their training and preparation in classroom questioning skills in primary teachers’ colleges of education. The study was guided by the following questions: 1) what are the perceptions primary school teachers have on their training and preparation in classroom questioning skills in primary teacher colleges of education? ii) What type of classroom questioning do teachers prefer using in their classrooms? iii) Is there a relationship between the teacher’s initial training and preparation in primary teachers’ colleges of education and the type of classroom questioning they prefer using in classrooms?A descriptive survey research design was deployed. The study comprised 100 serving primary school teachers as respondents and these were chosen using systematic sampling. Questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and observation check list were used to collect data.The findings of this research indicate that(i)Serving primary school teachers were of the view that they were not well trained in classroom questioning skills during their pre-service training.(ii)with regard to low-order and high-order questioning, the serving primary school teachers preferred using low-order classroom questioning to high-order classroom questioning.(iii)the type of classroom questioning that primary school teachers used in their classes was related to the way they were trained and prepared in primary teachers colleges of education.The study recommended thatthere is need for participatory teacher training programmes because in this training model, teachers take an active role in the training process. Training of teachers moves away from being theoretical to being practical.Pre and post service teacher training programmes should focus on training primary school teachers in classroom questioning skills. Teacher Group Meetings (TGMs) should be utilised to improve teacher skills in classroom questioning skills.
Instructional systems. , Questioning. , Teachers--Training of--Lukulu.