The role of social media in influencing self-awareness among pupils at Nkeyema secondary school, Zambia.

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Kayombo, Cliff Fumbelo
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The University of Zambia
This study was an assessment of the role of social media in influencing self-awareness among the pupils at Nkeyema Secondary School in the Western Province of Zambia. It is postulated that an individual’s self-image is a definite structure composed of conclusions of drawn from one’s feelings about oneself that are deeply rooted in the conscience and the subconscious mind. The main objective of the study was to study the influence of social media on the way pupils at Nkeyema Secondary School understand themselves, and how this self-awareness affects their behaviour. To arrive at the qualitative and quantitative data, the study used qualitative and quantitative methods. The study population included all 550 pupils and educational personnel at the school under study. Of this population, the study sampled 100 pupils by simple random and purposive sampling procedures. The qualitative data was analysed using open coding, while simple descriptive techniques and the chi-square were used to analyse the quantitative data. The study established that self-awareness is a learned attribute. The study also established that one’s self-concept is dependent on the conditions of worth that one has learned from interacting with others. One of these conditions is the medium for communication. Findings showed that social media is a very popular mode of communication through which the respondents interact and learn about themselves and about others. The study further established that social media has an influence on self-awareness because of its capacity not only to alter but also to direct the way an individual perceives himself or herself. Further, the study proved that social media has influenced the behaviour of the youths, especially with regards to the desire to confirm to what is perceived to be trending. The study has noted that the Government is in the process of introducing to Parliament, a series of Bills aimed at regulating the social media. The study recommends that without curtailing the fundamental rights and freedoms of the pupils, these laws must be enacted to make social media safe from all forms of abuse that can lead to the creation of a wrong self-image.
Social media--Self-awareness , Social Media