Heads of departments’ supervisory role and teacher performance in selected public secondary schools in Kabwe district, Zambia.

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Nachibinga, Biggie
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University of Zambia
The study sought to investigate the supervisory role of Heads of Department and the performance of teachers in public secondary schools in Kabwe District, Zambia. A case study research design was used. Data were analysed thematically. Three head teachers, 15 Heads of Department and 30 teachers made up the sample and were selected using purposive sampling. Interviews, document analysis and observations were used to collect data. Findings of the study revealed that Heads of Department practiced inspection and evaluation, not any different from Education Standards Officers in the Ministry of General Education. Heads of Departments‘ supervision was strictly guided by instruments meant to control and keep standards. In addition, the research findings revealed that due to the supervision of Heads of Department, most teachers managed to prepare lesson plans, records of work and submitted their teaching files fortnightly, apart from attending to their classes. The research findings also revealed that Heads of Department faced a number of challenges in their supervision of teachers. Heads of Department lacked formal in-service training in supervision. The Heads of Department also lacked motivation as 12 out of the 15 Heads of Department interviewed were in their acting capacity. With regards to teachers, most of them failed to meet set deadlines; most of them failed to prepare lesson plans and most of them perpetually got permissions; thus put pressure on Heads of Department to find other teachers to teach in their place. The study recommended that Heads of Department should use more modern approaches to supervision that are democratic and fair; receive training in educational management; and that the Teaching Service Commission should confirm Heads of Department in their acting Position within six months of appointment. Keywords: supervision, teacher performance, role
Educational leadership , School management and organization , Teacher performance