Implementation of an outcome based mathematics curriculum: a case of a selected secondary school in Kafue district.

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Silwimba, Janet
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The University of Zambia
The Zambian curriculum has been objective based since independence until the year 2013 when it was revised to Outcome Based Education (OBE) under the theme “Putting theory into practice.” Therefore, an OBE curriculum aims to produce a learner who can showcase skills, values and competencies in society. The purpose of this study was to ascertain whether the revised mathematics curriculum was implemented by the secondary school mathematics teachers in accordance with the premises and principles underpinning it. The study employed the descriptive design in which qualitative approach was used to gather the data. Purposive as well as chance and willing sampling methods were used to come up with the five respondents which were four (4) mathematics teachers and a curriculum specialist from a selected secondary school and Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), respectively. Data collection methods comprised of interviews, Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and lessons observations. The data gathered through interviews, FGD, and lesson observations were analyzed thematically. Moreover, the data gathered through lessons observation were analyzed using the teaching triad. The findings revealed that mathematics teachers had the knowledge of OBE mathematics curriculum. They were also trained on the implementation of the general curriculum framework. However, the results showed that the mathematics teachers did not implement the design down and clarity of focus principles of the outcome-based curriculum. It is recommended that the Ministry of Education should train mathematics teachers in the implementation of Outcome Based Mathematics Education (OBME) curriculum and the course structure of which among others should focus on Planning and programming in OBME (identification and formulation of outcomes), Teaching and learning in OBME (mathematics lesson demonstration, strategies) and How to use the resources in OBME (text books, syllabus). Keywords: Outcome Based Curriculum, Outcome, implementation, Teachers, CurriculumSpecialist, Mathematics Curriculum.
Mathematics--Study and teaching--Zambia , Mathematics--Study and teaching--Secondary--Zambia , Mathematics--Curriculum change--Zambia