Innovations and strategies during online teaching in an Ed tech low-resourced University.

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Lufungulo, Enala Sharon
Jiyou, Jia
Mulubale, Sanny
Mambwe, Elastus
Mwila, Kennedy
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The study focused on identifying innovations deployed by lecturers weployed by lecturers when teaching online during the COVID-19 pandemic at the University of Zambia. The interpretivist worldview anchors the study. Researchers adopted a descriptive qualitative case study design. Purposefully and conveniently sampled lecturers (n = 21) took part in key informant interviews from the university faculties: the school of education, the school of humanities and social sciences and the school of health sciences. Thematic analyses were applied to the data collected using face-to-face and telephone interview schedules. Results show that all lecturers fully know online instruction’s possible challenges. Lecturers have devised innovations that are lecturer-oriented, lesson-oriented, resource-oriented and student-oriented in managing online teaching and learning. The success of online teaching in an EdTech low-resourced university depends on the lecturers’ desire to learn, the availability of essential ICT devices, the use of open educational resources-OER, the potential of the use of devices and the availability of internet connectivity. However, intermittent internet connectivity, student absenteeism, a lack of primary ICT devices, and EdTech illiteracy persist. External support—such as continuous professional development programs (CPDs), import duty exemptions or corporate sponsorships and donations—should be sought to facilitate online lessons. Innovation in teaching and learning does not only entail high-tech educational technologies but the use of what works best for a community of learners in a particular context. Though focused on Zambia, the study results reflect the situation and experience of universities in other countries with similar characteristics.
Innovations. , COVID-19. , Low-resourced university. , Ed tech. , Strategies.
Lufungulo, E. S., Jia, J., Mulubale, S., Mambwe, E., & Mwila, K. (2023). Innovations and Strategies During Online Teaching in an EdTech Low-Resourced University. SN Computer Science, 4(4), 328.