A study to assess the quality of family planning services provided by the Defence Force Medical services - Maina Soko Hospital and Arakan Camp Hospital.

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Kapungulya, Paula Pule.
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The aim of the study was to assess the quality of family planning services provided by Defence Forces Medical Services in Lusaka. The study assessed the process of care at Maina Soko Military Hospital and Arakan Camp Hospital F. P. Clinics. Data was collected from a sample of 51. (II) service providers and 40 client provider interactions. Data tools used were the self administered questionnaire for the service providers, as well as non-participant observation of 40 client provider interactions. Results of the study showed that the quality of the F.P services provided were better in the one clinic as compared to the other clinic. There was a general lack of appropriately trained manpower and this to a large extent affected the technical quality of the services provided adversely. In addition the limited choice of F.P. devices affected the quality of service in that the consumer has limited choice of method. Lack of privacy in the one clinic also influenced negatively by the inadequacy of space.
Armed Forces --Medical care --Zambia.