An investigation into corrup practices involving Traffic Officers and Public Service Vehicles Drivers in Lusaka Urban

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Chirwa, Lemekani
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The Zambia Police Service was established to ensure the enforcement of law. provision of security to people, maintenance of peace and order, traffic management, detection and prevention of crime as well as bringing the offenders to book. On the other hand the transporters has the significant role in the economic growth of the country. For the people to move from their different destination transport is required.One hundred and fifty (150) questionnaires were prepared. 50 were given to the traffic police officers while 100 to the public service vehicle drivers particularly minibus drivers. Apart from traffic officers and minibus drivers, several other organisations were involved such as the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Police Public Complaints Authority (PPCA). and Zambia Association for Motorists. The commanding officer Lusaka division. Divisional Traffic Officer and a few minibus owners were also involved.Findings revealed that, fighting corruption in Zambia is a fallacy as long as the people of Zambia are economically disempowered. The government pronouncement of zero tolerance to corruption, formation of task force to investigate corruption is used to sanctify its actions and to respond to donor window dressing. The selective prosecution of corrupt offenders probably when they leave the government motivates those in power to continue with the scourge as a result of the immunity they enjoy while warming the higher and influential seats.Corruption is a two-way system, involving the giver and the receiver. If the duo involved are satisfied with the transaction then comiption remain unveiled, but where the other party express displeasure and complains then, it will have not been fully complete as a result of that complaint. The hardest hit in the chain of corruption is the ordinary citizen and the local elite remains unscathed by the effects of corruption on the economy. Only the poor truly suffer and are denied fair distribution of wealthy, which benefits only a few individuals.To fight corruption requires the involvement of all the people, be it rich or poor. For corruption to be fought, political will to improve the economy and eradicate poverty is cardinal. The much talked about corruption involving the traffic police and the public service vehicle drivers demands the two parties for it to end. The guise of poor conditions and the higher traffic offense fares are not excusing enough to let corruption become part of day-to-day life style.The fight against corruption in Zambia has made no significant progress as the country's rating at global level still remain at number eleven. This scourge affect the economy of the country, social standing as well as cultural and moral decay of the parties involved. Though the traffic police features so prominently in the ranks of corruption, the drivers are equally as the same police they complain about. No single amount of force can be applied to let the driver give out a bribe. The duo seem to negotiate for a settlement and take advantage to give an officer a minimal amount than part away with a huge traffic penalty fee.
Road Traffic Officers-Zambia , Corruption-Zambia