Alleviation of poverty using communication tools: The case of Kalomo trust Zambia in Masaiti District

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Banda, Philip Dabwitso
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This study examined the communication tools used by Kaloko Trust Zambia (KTZ) in its poverty alleviation interventions in Masaiti district, Ndola rural. The methodology used included: (i) quantitative survey of 100 respondents (ii) two in-depth interviews with the country Director of Kaloko Trust Zambia and the Chairperson of the Chief’s traditional councillors (Bafilolo) of Luesanga Camp (iii) one Focus Group Discussion with the Malaya Community. Interpersonal/face to face communication is what Kaloko Trust Zambia has been predominantly using in bringing change in lives in the communities. According to the respondents, it has had tremendous effects by helping communities get vital services. These include clean water and sanitation, infrastructural development provision and support to education and health, promoting sustainable agriculture, preservation of the environment through natural community resources and improved livelihoods through community trainings in IGAs in communities. The communities appraised the interventions as helpful and the communication strategies as contextual and m serving purpose. The respondents also said the interventions promoted consultation and participation.
Poverty eradication-Kalomo, Zambia , Communication tools-Zambia