Teacher Demotivation in Zambia: The Case of Basic School Teachers in Mufulira District

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Mwanza, Teddy Banda
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Over the recent years, there have been concerns among Zambians with regard to the quality of education in the country with a general feeling that it is declining. One of the factors believed to contribute to the declining of education was the low levels of motivation among teachers. This study therefore, investigated factors that affected the motivation of teachers in Mufulira District in Zambia by way of establishing: (i) the extent of the problem of poor teacher motivation (ii) the main reasons for poor motivation and (iii) the effects of poor motivation on teachers' commitment to work. The study used a survey design involving questionnaires and interview techniques to obtain information. A sample of 172 respondents was selected using random and purposive sampling. As the survey combined quantitative and qualitative methods, the quantitative data collected were analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) while data from interviews were analysed by coding and grouping similar themes together into groups using constant comparative techniques. Tables and graphs were used in the examination and presentation of data after the data were analysed. The findings of the study revealed that: • The extent of teachers' demotivation was large. • Absenteeism, indulgence in secondary employment, transmission of negative ideas about teaching and misconduct were the consequences of demotivation among teachers. • Poor salaries and conditions of service, delays in putting teachers on the pay role,rarity of promotion prospects, low prestige of basic school teaching and poor relations with supervisors were some of the causes of teacher demotivation. • The majority of teachers were willing to remain permanently in teaching due to the job's security. Following the findings of the study, the following recommendations were made in order to ensure that teachers were adequately motivated: • Teachers' salaries and conditions of service should be significantly improved as a way of motivating teachers. • Promotions should strictly be made on merit. • Hardship and other allowances should be regularly paid and increased. • Teachers appointed as head teachers and deputy-head teachers should be trained in human relation.
Teacher Demotivation , Teacher Demotivation-Basic Schools