Prospects of the voluntary land resettlement programme in Zambia with reference to Ngwezi Resettlement Scheme in Kalomo-Southern Province

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Hichilema, Charles Hampende
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The study shows the contributions the voluntary land resettlement schemes are doing to combat unemployment, rural poverty and rural under development in Zambia. The study also comes up with possible workable recommendations that can uphold sustainable rural development by the establishment of more voluntary land resettlement schemes.In this study, Primary data was collected from 50 settlers using an interview schedule and interviewing the resettlement personnel.The s'tudy findings show that the programme made modest achievement at least in terms of the amount of land allocated to citizens. People who have settled in these schemes have not only avoided congesting the urban areas but have also found employment on the land.However, the productivity on the schemes, Ngwezi in particular, has not been impressive. While the resettlement programme has the potential to meet its objectives, much needs to be done to achieve these noble objectives.In order to refocus government's attention on doing what may bring better results, this paper makes four cardinal recommendations of sending extension officers in all the schemes, the government and donors to provide adequate funds for the programme, the survey and lands departments to speed up the process of issuing of leases to farmers and that the policy should open up plots to all Zambians who want to settle.
Land Settlement-Government Policy-Zambia , Land Reform-Zambia