Factors leading to poor outcomes of the keep Zambia awareness campaigns: The case of Mtendere residential area of Lusaka

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Banda, Edgar
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This study was set to determine factors that led to poor outcomes of the Keep Zambia Clean Awareness Campaign in Mtendere Residential area of Lusaka. A descriptive research design was employed which consisted of both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect data from the respondents. Of the universe population, the sample population was 150 which comprised older men (40), older women (50), Youths (58), Chairperson (1) from Mtendere Residential Area and an officer from the Department of Public Relations of the Lusaka City Council (1). Simple random sampling technique was employed to select Participants in the Residential area from all corners of Mtendere Residence labelled A, B, C and D. Data was collected using both questionnaires and interview guide. Qualitative data was analyzed based on categorizing similar themes as they emerged and was presented in qualitative form (narration). With respect to quantitative data, its analysis was by the use of Microsoft Excel (MSE) and was presented using frequency bar charts.The study revealed that the Keep Zambia Clean Awareness Campaign lacked substance in its implementation due to: lack of presence of the organizers in the Residential Area and due to lack of dialogue with the residents concerning their real needs in connection with waste disposal. The study revealed that more respondents (i.e. 79=52.7%) confirmed that there were no benefits accrued from the campaign as compared to 69 (i.e. 46%) respondents who were positive about the outcome of the campaign; and only 2 (i.e. 1%) respondents were not sure. Therefore, the study recommended that the Lusaka City Council should aim at educating the community through awareness campaign by going door to door instead of relying much on few television stations; the awareness campaign should be coupled with education through demonstration on how the public should be disposing of waste by providing bins.
Sanitation-Lusaka,Zambia , Peri-Urban Health Education-Lusaka, Zambia