Exploring selected theories applicable to educational disciplines and social sciences research.

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Nkhata, Bentry
Mkandawire, Sitwe Benson
Nachiyunde, Kabunga
Phiri-Nalube, Patricia
Kaani, Bestern
Mulenga, Innocent Mutale
Phiri, Chidongo
Chileshe, Bernard
Sichula, Noah Kenny
Sikayomya, Patrick
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International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE)
This paper sought to advance an understanding of selected theories applicable to educational disciplines and social sciences. The authors conducted a search on academic institutional repositories for dissertations, theses and research papers across the globe. International databases such as JSTOR, Intellect Journals Collection, and Science Direct were also searched by means of such terms and parameters as theory, educational theories, social science theories and research theories. Google Scholar, Research Gate, Academia, and Scopus were included in the search. The theories were then analyzed through cross-reference with other existing literature for validation. Notes were simultaneously taken and bookended by critical review of emerging trends. The study identified several theories which were grouped in themes based on relatedness and applicability. The theories included intersectionality, Simple View of Reading, Transformational Learning, and commognition. The article concludes that there is a lot of room for theoretical mapping of educational research efforts. Specific recommendations are proposed to help enhance the potency of education-related research.
Theory. , Phenomena , Research theories. , Educational theories. , Social science theories.