Quality of life and spirituality of women with cervical cancer at cancer diseases hospital, lusaka.

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Langa, Nelia.
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The study was aimed at determining the relationship between Quality of Life and spirituality among women with Cervical Cancer at Cancer Diseases Hospital Lusaka. The hypothesis for the study was there is a relationship between Quality of Life and Spirituality among women with cervical cancer. A cross sectional descriptive study design was used. A sample of fifty respondents was selected using the convenient sampling method. Data were collected using an interview schedule over a period of 21 days in October and November, 2010. Data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 17.0. The results revealed that almost two thirds (64%) of the respondents had good quality of life. The results also showed that majority (74%) of the respondents had good general health perception. The results on the General Health perception show that there is a relationship between overall Quality of Life and General Health perception. The results also revealed that majority of the respondents (96%) had good Spirituality. Only 4% of the respondents had poor Spirituality and poor quality of life. However, despite some of the respondents having poor quality of life, they had good Spirituality. The major implication is that there is to train more nurses in oncology nursing so that nurses can provide holistic nursing care to the cancer patients. The training of more nurses will improve staffing levels hence give nurses more time to give that holistic care to the patients and hence improve psychological quality of life.
Cervix uteri --Cancer. , Sick --Religious life.