An estabilshment of the grade four learners' ability in reading appropriately phonic words in english langauge in schools in Lusaka

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Mulenga, M Sheila
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The University of Zambia
The aim of this study was to establish Grade four learners’ ability in reading phonic and sight words in English Language appropriately. Reading proficiently is a crucial foundation for success in all academic areas. The following objectives guided the study; ability by grade four learners to identify the English alphabet by their sounds. The researcher tried to establish the reading ability of sight words in English Language by the grade four learners. Furthermore, the researcher attempted to find out the challenges, if any; teachers face in teaching reading phonic and sight words in primary schools in Lusaka district. The total sample size was one hundred and twenty five respondents. These were; one hundred learners, twenty teachers and five administrators. The study used qualitative approach. Observation, Semi-structured interview and focus group discussions were the methods used to elicit information from the respondents. The theoretical framework of this study was guided by Jean Piaget’s cognitive learning theory. Findings revealed that grade four learners were able to identify the letters of the English alphabet by their sounds. It was also revealed that learners were able to read sight words at a slow pace and pronunciation was not consistent in most learners. In addition, it was established that teachers faced challenges when teaching reading phonic and sight words in English language as evidenced from the themes that emerged. The researcher recommended that school administrators should continue monitoring the teaching of initial reading skills to learners in the early grades so that teachers do not neglect teaching of letters and their sounds. Teachers should intensify the Oral language activities for learners as early as grade two in order to practice the articulations of correct English sounds. The Ministry of General Education should ensure that appropriate and adequate teaching and learning materials are supplied in schools.
English--Study and teaching--Zambia , English--Phonic and sight words--Zambia