Challenges Encountered by the University of Zambia in the implementation of University extension Education: A Case North Western province

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Nduna, Mwenya
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The Extra Mural Studies Department (now known as Extension Studies Section) was established in order to maintain the university links with the community as well as serve as a conduit through which university knowledge and university ways of thought can be transmitted. The purpose of University Extension Education was to provide university knowledge to adults, both graduates and non-graduates, who could not go to university for full-time studies. This mode of studying was aimed at reaching as many citizens of the country as possible, in the fields relevant to their environment. It was envisaged that University Education is instrumental to high level skills development, while on the other hand, Extension Education is more specific as it aims at training people in their locality. It offers vocational skills which are conceived as being directly related to the local environment within which it is being offered, However, the University of Zambia Extension Studies faces a number of challenges in the implementation of University Extension Education, which consequently, affects the provision and realization of the aim of extension education. The implication of these challenges is that the motive and aim conceived in establishing University Extension Education will not be achieved. Secondly, the target population for whom these programs were meant for, the employed and unemployed adults as well as youths, will not be empowered with survival skills necessary to help them function in their own environment. vi Therefore, the study sought to establish the challenges encountered by the University of Zambia in the implementation of University Extension Education in North Western Province. Data was collected from the respondents using questionnaires and interview guide. The findings revealed that there were many and varied challenges the University of Zambia encountered in the implementation of University Extension Education in North Western Province. It emerged from the findings that, there were several challenges the University encountered in the implementation of University Extension Education, amongst which was the lack of qualified part-time tutors to teach courses for which real needs exist. The implication of this is that the University only mounted courses based on the availability of part-time tutors and not on the educational needs identified. This does not represent a true reflection of Adult Education principles upon which University Extension Education is anchored. The study recommended that there was need for the University to contextualize its educational programs in the province as opposed to providing standardized courses from one province to another. The community within which the University is operating should be given an opportunity to make an input regarding the programs to be offered.
University Extension--Law and Legislation-North Western Province-Zambia , Distance Education--University of Zambia