Implementation of early childhood education policy in selected government primary schools of Lusaka district.

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Msuku, Christine
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The University of Zambia
The researcher conducted a study aimed at investigating the Implementation of Early Childhood Education Policy in Selected Government Primary Schools of Lusaka District. Data were gathered through a qualitative data collection process from 42 participants believed to be knowledgeable on the matter, designed to uncover the Implementation of Early Childhood Education Policy. The participants were purposely selected using maximal variation purposeful sampling. The study sample was composed of 4 ECE managers at MoGE HQ, 3 at Lusaka PEO, 5 head teachers and 30 ECE teachers. Open-ended questions were used in interviews. The questions used in the interviews were intentionally broad in order to elicit an open discussion. However, the facilitator clarified the questions from time to time and prompts were used to keep the discussion active and participants focused on the issue. Data analysis was simultaneously done with data collection through interactive processes. Among the key findings, this study found that ECE managers at MoGE headquarters have been working tirelessly in developing instructional materials and learners’ books. Further findings showed that education managers also developed a well-structured programme to help in-service for ECE teachers with teaching methodologies which is fully operational. The head teachers appreciated the effort made by the government through MoGE by providing them with instructional materials. The study therefore recommended that education managers at MoGE headquarters should consider allocating more funding and step- up an orientation for all ECE teachers and head teachers in the provision of ECE in government primary schools.
Early childhood education--Government policy--Zambia.