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    Determining the transient stability models for generators at Kariba North Bank power station
    (2015-09-29) Kanjelesa, Fred
    Electrical energy is an essential ingredient for the industry and all-round development of a country. It is transmitted, from its sources to far located places of utilisation, by large interconnected power systems within which synchronous machines operate.In practice, these power systems are subjected to a number of disturbances of which the most severe is a large and sudden one having a remote possibility that an initial disturbance may lead to a regional blackout, which present us with a transient stability problem.Since the main requirement is that the machines go on operating even under such extreme conditions, there is inevitable need to determine conditions which provide indication for system transient stability assessment. Since system generators play a decisive role in power system operation and stability, their transient stability assessment implies the assessment for the system within which they operate.
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    Design of a wireless voice transceiver
    (2015-09-29) Mwango, Bwalya
    Wireless communication has increasingly become very popular today due to recent advances in technology particularly the development of Integrated circuit. Wireless transceivers are playing a huge role in voice communication and have found applications such as (a) emergency (fire and police services) (b) public utilities (water and electricity) and (c) private (service technicians and taxis).A transceiver is a unit in which the functions of transmission and reception are combined, allowing single-channel, semi-duplex operation at a substantial reduction in cost and complexity along with a greatly increased ease of operation. The transceiver is especially popular for mobile operation were a savings in size, weight and power consumption are important. Dual usage of components and stages in the transceiver permits a large reduction in the number of circuit elements. In this project, a transceiver circuit was designed that optimizes the use of ICs for large portions of the transceiver stages. The transceiver operates at a frequency of 900MHz and has a single channel.
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    To determine the levels and impact of air pollution in Lusaka
    (2015-09-29) Hamuna, Kamangu
    Air pollution levels can be estimated using different estimation techniques, such as; sampling or direct measurement, mass balance, fuel analysis or any other engineering calculations and emission factors. Furthermore, it is also important to understand how the smoke spreads and affects the surroundings. For this analysis, the computer code called PHOENICS is used. In PHOENICS a suitable control volume representing an actual area under investigation is used for the analysis. Parameters associated with the flow of smoke such as air velocity and pressure are also analyzed. The results of this analysis have shown that air velocity and pressure have an effect on the transport of smoke. High velocities and low pressures have a suctioning effect on the flue gas stacks hence easily carrying away the smoke produced. This does not however, mitigate the disastrous effects of the pollutants. The pollutants have only been carried from one region to another.
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    Ealuation of Kafue water treatment plant and town water demand
    (2015-08-24) Tembo, Patrick Balamani
    This project was aimed at evaluation of the effectiveness of the operational treatment units of Kafue Water Plant and its capacity to meet the current (2006) and future (2021) water demands. The infrastructure at the treatment plant was examined with much emphasis laid on operational units. The water quality in these units was analyzed for various parameters and lastly the plant capacity was quantified. It was found out that the quality of filtrate falls below the Zambian standards and this was attributed to disregarding components such as dosing pumps, laboratory raw water analysis, flow measuring meters stripped off the treatment system Jack of knowledge by the personnel running the treatment plant and no coagulant being used during the treatment process. As regards to the capacity of the plant, it falls below both the current and future water demands.It has been recommended that the treatment plant be expanded to meet these demands and employing qualified personnel to run the plant. In addition, all disconnected units to be connected back to the treatment units and the laboratory be revamped or enter into agreement with a well established water utility company such as Lusaka water and sewerage company.
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    Programmable Logic controllers-PLC-Interface to a Robot
    (2015-07-23) Chileshe, Martin
    The Packaging of food1 and beverage in our Zambian industry is a complex controlled process which is ever desired to be in an operational state. This system therefore requires constant controlling and monitoring in order that it remains in a normal operating state. This project outlines the techniques used when designing a controlling system and ultimately brings out a prototype of the design.The design considerations include the hardware used (with the programmable logic controller, PLC, as the main module), the software design (ladder codes) the communication between the robot and the PLC, sensors and costs of the project. The controlling system should be reliable by ensuring that there is accurate and real-time notification of any change of the system status, such as over loading or under loadingTherefore. Networking and Programmable Logic Control, Interface to the Robot, was undertaken to bring out the technical and economical aspects of designing a control system. The main design task was the software development and the integration with networking.