Ealuation of Kafue water treatment plant and town water demand

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Tembo, Patrick Balamani
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This project was aimed at evaluation of the effectiveness of the operational treatment units of Kafue Water Plant and its capacity to meet the current (2006) and future (2021) water demands. The infrastructure at the treatment plant was examined with much emphasis laid on operational units. The water quality in these units was analyzed for various parameters and lastly the plant capacity was quantified. It was found out that the quality of filtrate falls below the Zambian standards and this was attributed to disregarding components such as dosing pumps, laboratory raw water analysis, flow measuring meters stripped off the treatment system Jack of knowledge by the personnel running the treatment plant and no coagulant being used during the treatment process. As regards to the capacity of the plant, it falls below both the current and future water demands.It has been recommended that the treatment plant be expanded to meet these demands and employing qualified personnel to run the plant. In addition, all disconnected units to be connected back to the treatment units and the laboratory be revamped or enter into agreement with a well established water utility company such as Lusaka water and sewerage company.
Civil Engineering student report, 2007.
Water treatment plant-Kafue, Zambia , Water-supply-Kafue, Zambia